Start with the perfect tape solution driven by Innovation
Together we will create solutions in accordance with your requirements.

Our target industries are automotive, construction, do-it-yourself and the industry as a whole.

We specialise in the selling of double sided tapes, reflective tapes and protection tapes/films.


We customize our products to your segment’s needs, following industry standards and new technologies.


Tape solutions for high demanding applications such as bonding, protection and acoustical insulation.


Tape solutions that support electrical and industrial equipment, heat sealing, silicone and more.

Our Brand

It’s sustainable and solutions driven.

Our clients are considered valuable business partners. Together we will create sustainable tape solutions in accordance with your requirements.

Our Products

Our innovation and improvements are anything, but business as usual.

Synergy Tapes’ through the support of global research centers and advanced polymer technological expertise ensure continuous improvement.
Explore and experience our products, supported by world-class brands.

Our Support

We are supported by world-class brands.

Our global brands have consistently demonstrated their ability to invent products that improve quality of life.
They are ranked amongst the best in the world in innovation and industrial standing.